Customer Relationship Management for eCommerce

Great customer experiences are a key differentiator for any business.

Customer experience is especially important for online businesses because they don’t have other ways to communicate or physically interact with their customers.

The customer experience helps rebuild sales on underperforming eCommerce websites, provide support, and resolve issues that could otherwise send your customers going elsewhere.

According to a CEI survey, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, and 40% will buy more from a company offering a great customer experience.

As consumers become more reliant on eCommerce nowadays, excellent customer experiences and customer relationship management (CRM) processes should be high on the priority list.

What are the Challenges of Customer Relationship Management for eCommerce?

The first challenge is adopting a cross-channel and omnichannel customer relationship.

When customers interact with brands in different ways, such as phone, social media, live chat, or website, cross-channel customer relationship is necessary.

The service and support provided should not differentiate or suffer in quality from a customer switching channels.

Another challenge is being responsive.

When customers have concerns or expect a certain level of interaction, they want their customer experience to be responsive, personalized, and efficient.

Using software that can track customer insights along the customer lifetime value can help businesses get the information they need to answer quickly and accurately.

Lastly, cybersecurity issues are also important to the customer experience and customer relationship management.

If your website is unsafe and prone to malicious attacks, confidential information from customers can be stolen, such as payment information.

As a result, customers won’t want to visit your website again.

How Can Businesses Improve eCommerce Customer Relationship Management?

Using CRM software can help online businesses gain the insights they need to manage the customer lifetime value process and provide responsive support for a more personalized customer experience.

Implementing cybersecurity eCommerce practices, such as cloud computing, can also ensure that websites are more secure for customers.

At SHEA Global, we have the tools to help you improve your customer experiences for a more streamlined CRM process. Whether you need CRM support or cloud computing solutions, we’ll help you fill in the gaps.

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