Food Processing

The Food and Beverage industry is a competitive market with unique challenges. Mistakes can lead to serious consequences so technology is the only way to be ahead of the game.

Technology to manage the process, from the Field to Fork

The right technology can help:

  • Manage inventory
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure and track compliance
  • Maintain customer satisfaction
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Benefits to your organization

New Product Management

New Products — Companies are adding more variety to their product lines to differentiate themselves in the growing industry.

Rise of Organics

According to the Organic Trade Association (OTA), organic food sales has increased in recent years with fresh fruit and vegetables being the top selling organic category. OTA states that produce accounts for nearly 40% of total organic food sales, and organic produce accounts for 11% of all fruit and vegetable sales. Therefore, it would be in the food makers' best interest to carry more organic lines to accommodate this demand

Produce Quality

To make products appear cleaner and safer than competitors, companies have introduced new cleaning technologies. For example, reportedly significantly reduces microorganisms on leafy greens in comparison to traditional methods, which could profitably diversify revenue streams. 

Take-out Meals 

To address the growing number of consumers who want both convenience and a healthy meal, more take-out food stores have risen. For example, some chains have prepared to-go meals that are available for sale at retail locations. In addition, many of the new outlets use locally sourced, organic ingredients to cater for the busy professionals.

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