Supply Chain & Distribution

World of distribution is changing, with systems being more automated and transactions requiring no manual intervention.

Distribution companies have to cope with a number of different issues.

Multiple types of inbound and outbound transactions

Solutions: EDI, eCommerce, Email, Call Centre, etc

Multiple ordering routines

Solutions: Drop-ship, back-to-back, cross dock, bulk pick, rush

Multiple delivery options

Solutions: 3PL, LTL, internal logistics, freight integrators

Multiple types of replenishment

Solutions: Back to back, just in time, statistical, demand based, drop ship

Multiple pricing options

Solutions: Cost plus, discounts, volume rebates, tag along items, promotions

Multiple types of customers

Solution: One off, re-order, big distributors, retailers

Multiple tracking requirements

Solutions: locations, aisles, bins, lot and serial tracking

Whether you carry 100 products or 100 000, make sure your ERP system is keeping up with the pace of change. Each combination of requirements drives different solution recommendations. We can help you navigate various ERP systems to find the right one for your business.