High-Tech Manufacturing

A stable and reliable ERP solution for all high-tech manufacturing businesses.

A Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 ERP solution designed for device-centric organisations.

Annata 365 for Dynamics

Management of your “device” at the Heart of Your ERP
Is designed for ‘device-centric’ organisations that wish to more proactively manage their uniquely complex products, reduce costs and react faster to service issues.


Handling Recalls and Helping to Schedule Critical Maintenance
Configuration control, software licensing, accessories and spares management are all essential elements of a successful high-tech product offering

Providing an Overviews of Your Business
Distribution via agent and dealer networks, complex supply chains and manufacturing partnerships all require a holistic approach to business system management. Not only does Annata 365 give you the flexibility to improve brand reputation but also maintain industry compliance and support business growth.

Benefits to your organization

Improved productivity from manufacture to after-sales
React faster to device service issues
Improve device utilisation
Track and gain control of costs
Faster response to customer enquiries
Built on modern, world class ERP solution from Microsoft

Key Features

  • Warehouse management including multi-level stock locations
  • Track all device information throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Configure individual devices with pre-defined variants
  • Create warranty claims based on service orders
  • Log the device service history including claims, recalls and maintenance plans
  • Improving visibility by giving personnel the powerful information they need to make better decisions.

Download information (pdf's)

  • Info – Ardent and Annata IDMS