Customer Relationship Management – Why It Matters in the Automotive Industry

For consumers, buying a car is a long process that requires careful thinking, lots of research, and a detailed game plan.

According to Forbes, 45% of consumers read reviews before making an in-store purchase.

In addition, the GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study reported that 81% of consumers research their products online before making a purchase.

Especially when making a purchase as big and expensive as a car, giving the customers confidence and peace of mind is even more important for dealerships throughout the customer journey process.

Customer Experience is the New King

Producing a superior vehicle with excellent safety and fancy cosmetic features are no longer the sole indication of a good brand.

With changing consumer behaviours and needs, customer experience has become the key differentiator between good and excellent.

Here are trends to keep in mind when thinking about customer experience:

  • The Omnichannel Buying Experience – Providing a seamless and easy experience across all touchpoints.
  • Digital Content is Essential – When vehicle shoppers are researching online, providing engaging content of a car’s driving experience allows consumers to easily gather in-depth knowledge about the car.
  • Cars Are Getting Fancier – With increased connectivity features and sleek cosmetic designs, it’s more tempting for consumers to shop around and switch brands to find a car they like.
  • AR and VR – Virtual reality means bringing the paper experience to life and an enhanced shopping experience. Shoppers can compare different cars, get a feel of the car, look at customization options, and imagine how the driving experience would be like before taking a test drive.
  • More Mobility – According to PwC, personal mileage is estimated to rise by 23% by 2030 and sharing will become an increasingly seen trend in the industry because customers want flexibility and options.

Customer Relationship Management is the Solution

An automotive customer relationship management platform is designed for making the customer journey for vehicle shoppers an immersive, pleasant, and comprehensive experience.

It allows dealerships to focus on a customer-centric approach that puts the customers’ needs first at all touchpoints in the buyer process.

With a well-implemented customer relationship management solution, dealerships can gather valuable customer data, build more personalized relationships with customers, and proactively identify opportunities throughout the ownership lifecycle.

At SHEA Global, we provide customer relationship management solutions that can easily connect with your existing system, so you can enjoy a seamless integration process and spend more time focusing on your customers.

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