How Do You Know if DDMRP is the Right Fit for You?

Is demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) the right fit for your business? Sometimes it might be hard to tell – and you likely don’t want to commit without being sure.

Let’s start by asking a different question – what types of businesses is DDMRP not the right fit for?

  • Companies who don’t care about time or competition.
  • Businesses who have resources to spare.
  • Those manufacturing completely one-off custom orders.

Although even in this type of business, DDMRP could be effective for forward planning.

…That’s it!

The truth is that DDMRP really can be for anyone in retail, distribution, and manufacturing. The benefits it brings can help virtually any company right-size their inventory, optimize the supply chain, and achieve operational excellence.

If you’ve found that your forecasting is continually off, or you are wasting product, storing too much, or otherwise burning through resources faster than necessary, DDMRP could be a great fit for you!

We’ve recently written about the results other businesses have achieved using DDMRP and about the benefits of it, however, at SHEA we also recognize that it can be difficult to identify how DDMRP might implement into your own organization.

That’s why we’re excited to offer a brand-new pilot program for businesses who want to try DDMRP to see if it’s for them.

With this pilot program, your company can learn from SHEA Global:

  • How your business can incorporate DDMRP.
  • How to get your whole team on board.
  • What the implementation process will look like.

You’ll also discover the unique results and benefits your company can achieve using DDMRP. By the end of the pilot program, you’ll be able to definitively say if DDMRP is indeed for you!

If you’re interested in learning more about the SHEA Global DDMRP pilot program and how to make Business Better, contact us for details.