Here are some helpful demo videos to start making your business better with SHEA + SYSPRO

ERP Overview:

Part 1: Customer Query – Learn how to find any customer quickly and easily, and customize all their relevant information with SYSPRO
Part 2: Sales Order Query – Make buttons and create rules in the grit
Part 3: Inventory Query – Easily navigate your current warehouse and your entire warehouse’s history
Part 4: Job Query – All the data you need to find for a job’s detail or progress is easy to find with SYSPRO


Part 1: Take a look how the Visual APS tool can help you plan jobs
Part 2: Learn how to edit and change batch schedules and be in direct contact with your shop floor
Part 3: Experience how to create and manipulate multiple jobs at once

SYSPRO MOM – Data Collection Workbench Demos

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SYSPRO ERP allows you to oversee and streamline all areas of your business, allowing you to be solution-focused before problems even arise. SYSPRO has the fastest average time to ROI and is used by over 15,000 companies worldwide. If you’d like to be one contact SHEA Global to assess if SYSPRO can make your business better:

Can SYSPRO Make Your Business Better?

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