Are Digital Transformation Tools the Answer to Your Business Problems?

Digital transformation is a hot topic among businesses — and for good reason. With innovative new business solutions being developed all the time, there are plenty of opportunities for high-tech change.

However, change for change’s sake doesn’t necessarily equal progress. While digital transformation tools are exciting and offer a lot of opportunity for businesses, are they the right solution for your company?

You will find many articles online outlining the top 10 digital transformation tools for improving your business and so on. And some of these tools are truly useful. But a ‘tools first’ approach won’t work if you haven’t defined the problem you are trying to solve.

For instance, a customer service department looking to improve responsiveness might consider chatbot technology. But throwing technology at this without fully understanding your business processes and how your customers want to engage with you could just pile on top of the existing issue.

Through further examination of the business process, you could find that:

  • Your customer service responsiveness issue is stemming from a lack of staff. Will the available team have the resources to use the chatbot technology to its full advantage? Or will they now just have one more distraction taking them away from your customers?
  • Due to recent turnover, your current staff lack training. So, giving them more tools and change to deal with when they have not yet mastered the basics for their role will add to frustration and inefficiencies. Plus, someone needs to help train and monitor the chatbot if it is to be useful at all.

In this instance while the chatbot technology may indeed be a good idea for your customer service department, if it does not solve the core problem it could, in fact, result in more issues down the line. And none of this helps provide better service to your customer.

Digital transformation tools are important in today’s business landscape and they can help achieve operational excellence, but tools are most effective when they are used to support a bigger strategy.

That is where working with a digital transformation consultant, like SHEA Global, comes in. Our experienced business analysts have worked with hundreds of businesses, assessing all aspects of the company.

SHEA Global believes that all organizations have the potential to achieve excellence. Our passion is to guide our customers to business excellence. While digital transformation tools are a part of that, it is often a broader conversation.

We are your strategic partner in end-to-end business transformation and ongoing optimization. At SHEA Global, we challenge our customers to look beyond the status quo to imagine what business better is for them.

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