Food Processing – How to Make Your Business More Cyber Secure

Cyber attacks aren’t new, and companies have faced the challenge of protecting themselves against cyber risks for years.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrimes have increased by 600%.

Companies globally have experienced malicious phishing emails, internet and identity fraud, ransomware attacks, theft of corporate data, IoT hacking, and more.

The concern lies in that nearly 80% of senior IT and IT security leaders believe their organizations lack sufficient security protection against cyberattacks.

The food and food processing industry is no different.

Although hardly ever talked about by experts and industry leaders, the food and food processing industry is just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as the rest of the world.

One of the most common cyberattacks the industry faces revolves around high-visibility ransomware attacks on IT systems.

When the IT systems are affected by a ransomware attack, the malicious software will typically publish or block access to data or a computer system until a ransom fee is paid to the attacker.

However, these aren’t the most dangerous cyberattacks that the food and food processing industry faces.

The more dangerous cybercrimes are the ones that are virtually impossible to detect.

These include cyberattacks on process control systems that food and beverage manufacturers have almost no way of identifying.

Not only do cyberattacks on food and beverage process control systems cause financial damage to manufacturers, but they can also make customers sick. For example, if the control systems are faulty or incorrectly adds additional additives or chemicals.

The issue with process control systems cyberattacks is the lack of knowledge surrounding the topic.

While many processes available to detect ransomware and other IT cyber attacks, there is minimal control system forensics at the system device and device network layer to identify process control systems risks.

There is also an evident lack of training on identifying and resolving process control systems cyberattacks.

That’s where we come in.

At SHEA Global, we want our clients to have the best cybersecurity measures to manage security risks regardless of which industry they serve.

With a mission of Business Better, we help companies in the food and food processing industry assess their cybersecurity strategies to improve the secureness of their control processes and other vital systems.

Our solutions not only ensure that internal operations are safer but also ensures that compliance measures are consistently met for the safety of all customers.

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