How SHEA Global Makes Business Better

At SHEA Global, we can sell you software, like a lot of other partners. But turning that software into a business solution takes experience and knowledge. The tools are only as good as the way they are applied.

To make Business Better, technology systems and tools need to help you provide better service to your customers. We work with our clients as a strategic partner in end-to-end business transformation and ongoing optimization and can help you offer even more to your customers.

The SHEA Global Team

In 2018, SHEA Solutions Inc. merged with TGO Consulting and Ardent Solutions to form SHEA Global.

SHEA Solutions. Inc. successfully helped clients leverage technology to meet their objectives in business intelligence and analytics, sales and operations planning, ERP software, and infrastructure.

TGO Consulting provided financial systems consulting and support to businesses, including a robust Dynamics GP practice with deep experience in system integrations.

Ardent Solutions Inc. delivered Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365, including DDMRP, for manufacturers, distributors, rental, and servicing companies in the U.K.

With the merger, SHEA Global customers can now access all these services in one place – more expertise, more solutions, and more support.

We are equipped to help businesses in more than 20 different countries, including offices across Canada, the U.S., the U.K., India, and the Philippines.

We Make Business Better

At SHEA Global, we’re experts in business optimization. We partner with you in building a smarter, leaner, more profitable business.

We take a solutions-focused approach and work with you to understand your business needs — both short and long-term — and then develop a plan to deliver.

Not only do our consultants have real-world experience, but they also specialize in helping businesses improve their processes and systems.

End-to-End Solutions with Real Results

While we can, and do, provide access to the latest business technology and software from partners like Microsoft and Syspro, our approach goes beyond product delivery.

Whether it is your back-office ERP solution, your customer-facing CRM systems, or the infrastructure that supports it all, we provide leadership and guidance in recommending the right technology solutions for your business.

Know your business can be improved, but don’t know where to start? We work with you to find the answer.

Want to improve a specific business process that is costing unnecessary time and money? We offer an objective assessment.

Interested in implementing a specific system or application? We manage a smooth transition.

We build long-term partnerships with our clients that help achieve ongoing operational excellence.

Working with SHEA Global

With 24-hour service and support, SHEA Global is here for your business whenever you need it.

We welcome past SHEA, TGO Consulting, and Ardent Solutions clients to learn about the new SHEA Global. If we haven’t connected yet, start the conversation today.

If this is the first time your business has encountered SHEA Global, we want to work with you, too. Need service, support, or business guidance? We’re happy to help.

Working with SHEA Global, together we can make your Business Better. We are just a phone call away.

Contact us for more information.