How to Ensure That You Meet Performance Expectations Every Time!

One key question in the auto industry is how you can meet performance expectations on time and on schedule when you have very long and connected supply chains. Complicating matters is the fact that carmakers have very high delivery performance expectations from parts suppliers because of how lean the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) production lines operate.

In the worst-case scenario, missing delivery of a part can result in shutting down the OEM production line and pushing back the delivery schedule of all the other suppliers. This is clearly something no carmaker wants happening, so how do we avoid such circumstances when vendor and customer portals connect in real-time, speeding information to the supply chain?

There are five key steps you can take to avoid such dire circumstances:

  1. Use more new and integrated tech rather than human input

The latest, most innovative tech that SHEA provides allows for more efficient, streamlined operations and minimizes human errors. It allows carmakers to keep track of shipments from the time they arrive to when they leave to when they reach the dealer. By reducing the amount of human interaction involved in the supply chain and logistics, this tech optimizes procedures ensuring better outcomes and delivery on time and on budget.

  1. Prepare your team adequately

Although you want to reduce human input you can’t get rid of the human element altogether. You still need people for certain parts of the supply chain. You can, however, reduce errors by adequately preparing your team. Your team should be encouraged to keep up and be up to date on all new tech and supply chain logistics trends. That way they are better equipped to handle any problems that may arise and ensure that things run smoothly.

  1. Develop a plan

A clearly crafted and well-organized plan can help you deal with everything from bottlenecks and disruptions to natural disasters and economic changes. You can’t foresee everything, but you can be prepared for several worst-case scenarios. It’s important that you have a plan in place to respond to circumstances beyond your control. That way nothing can catch you off guard.

  1. Implement smart processes and systems

It’s no secret that lean production saves time and money by getting rid of potential excesses and unneeded processes. If you focus on streamlining the labour and materials used while increasing production, you will be way ahead of the game and the competition. SHEA has all the tools you need to help implement the smartest, most streamlined processes and systems that optimize production.

  1. Use SHEA’s SMART Auto

SMART Auto lets you connect with customer portals in real-time while speeding up information to the supply chain. Take advantage of this feature to further optimize your production and guarantee you meet performance expectations.

There you have it. These are five easy steps to follow that will make your supply chain management efficient and effective, allowing you to meet performance expectations every time on time, and better yet on budget. To learn more about our many solutions ranging from the aerospace industry to high technology, visit us at