HR Tech: The Latest Advancements

As businesses and employees try to adjust to this post-pandemic new normal, HR staff have their work cut out for them. Remote and hybrid work has complicated work environments while the “great resignation” has many managers struggling to hold down the fort. Fortunately, advances in HR tech offer professionals the necessary tools to solve these issues.

Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the greatest single gift AI has for HR professionals is its ability to take over repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more nuanced challenges that require a human touch. AI can assist with recruitment and onboarding, retaining talent, boosting employee productivity, tracking diversity initiatives, and more.

For example, virtual assistants and chatbots can field FAQs from employees like “What are my benefits? Where can I find the training documents? How many sick days am I entitled to?” EDF, a French multinational electric utility company, created a chatbot to handle legal questions. The chatbot grew from 200 items of legal knowledge to 800, and 75 per cent of users were satisfied with it.


Last year, over 70 per cent of Canadian IT departments reported an increase in the number of employees opening malicious links or attachments in emails. With remote and hybrid work, it’s difficult for HR to keep tabs on employees.

For starters, assess whether your network, firmware, and software are all secured and controlled. Vendors can provide tools that can help monitor and manage these assets. Secondly, it’s crucial to educate employees on safe practices, so they can recognize potential threats and know when not to click on a questionable link. Finally, businesses should consider optimizing their staff with enterprise-class devices for home that have robust built-in security.

Cloud Computing

One of the immediate benefits of cloud computing is the ease of implementation. Many solutions are out-of-the-box and installation takes only minutes. It is also scalable for companies of varying sizes. To increase agility and flexibility, organizations can move core HR processes to the cloud such as:

  • payroll management
  • recruitment
  • applicant tracking
  • talent management
  • benefits administration
  • and more

In a recent survey, 64 per cent of companies reported measurable business value from their investment in HR cloud computing. Further, 70 per cent of respondents reported savings of 10 per cent or more, and nearly 40 per cent achieved 20 per cent or more.

We Can Help

When it comes to upgrading your HR tech, the options can seem overwhelming. Our experts can help you evaluate the solutions you’re considering regarding artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. We can review your current capabilities, suggest new options, and even provide training.

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