HR Technology for Recruitment: Joining LinkedIn to Microsoft Dynamics 365

LinkedIn is a tool that many recruiters use as a primary source for finding new candidates.

In December of 2016, Microsoft completed its acquisition of with a longer-term view of integration into Microsoft’s suite of business technology tools. This should provide huge benefits for Human Resources professionals in terms of efficiencies and access to information.

While the integration of LinkedIn into the Microsoft family continues to develop and evolve, one opportunity to leverage the benefits of both company’s technologies is searching and recruiting candidates.

By integrating the Microsoft suite, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn, your human resources team can build a streamlined, robust hiring strategy. This can include:

  • Compiling a complete candidate summary, including LinkedIn profile, resumés, portfolios, and other questions asked on job applications.
  • Connecting directly to LinkedIn Recruiter and Office 365 to make the hiring process transparent.
  • Defining the criteria for a job role through LinkedIn Recruiter. This might include required location, languages, skills, or job titles that would be relevant to the posted position.
  • Reviewing what recruiters have been doing through LinkedIn and what stage the process is at.
  • Setting up interviews using Office 365 integration that checks availability for all hiring team members and candidates.
  • Tracking calendar invites and invitation responses.
  • Easily sharing interview feedback with the hiring team and using it to make the final decision.

Integrating applications also improves the candidate experience, too. Applicants can quickly apply for open roles, highlight their relevant skills, and learn about the company culture through LinkedIn, with the information going directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The interview process can also be streamlined, with configurable stages, assessments to short list candidates, and assigned activities to your hiring team.

As you can see, integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn offers many opportunities for hiring managers that can save time, save money, and save stress for all involved.

And there is now another easy way to integrate the two applications: Dynamics 365 for Talent.

Microsoft recently launched Dynamics 365 for Talent, which is HR technology that integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and Skype. Hiring managers can quickly compile a hiring team, schedule interviews, and keep candidates in the loop throughout the application process.

HR managers can also use Talent for the employee onboarding process, employee assessments and feedback, personnel management, and more.

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