Manufacturing Grants and More: Unlock Funding the Easy Way with This Webinar

Manufacturing innovations have the potential to bring about global changes.

At the start of the 20th century, it took over half a day to build a car. Then one fine day, Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line and laid the foundation of mass production that we rely so heavily on today.

To everyone’s surprise …  with this innovation, the time required to build a car was almost 5 times less!

Today, manufacturing innovation is just as relevant, but we have added complexities resulting from a global pandemic.

Right now, the main priority for many manufacturers is to determine what funds are available to sustain and potentially grow their business.

What if we tell you that there are business funding opportunities out there that you can benefit from? Even better, what if you can find money within your own business?

Yes, it’s all possible! Who knows, you may even be the next trendsetting innovator!

At SHEA Global, we have teamed up with 123 Grants & Catax to show you how to find and apply for the many grants that are available for manufacturers in the UK. We can also help you recognise what counts as innovation within your company and access generous R&D tax credits available in the UK.

Recently, one of our engineering clients has been rewarded with £357,000 of government tax incentives! The reason? They revolutionised the way aircraft engines are cleaned. This tax incentive couldn’t have come at a better time for them and it is now helping the business continue their innovation journey.

COVID-19 has uncovered inefficiencies and highlighted areas of improvement for many manufacturing businesses.

It has also shown us that investing in innovation is critical to ensure business resilience and success. Advanced manufacturing equipment and technologies can help in lowering operating costs, increasing product quality, and most importantly improving customer experience.

To date, 123 Grants & Catax have worked with over 14,000 businesses and delivered over £300 million back to these businesses.

No matter what size or type of manufacturing business you have – we are confident that we can help you unlock thousands of pounds to aid your business plans.

With grants available from £10k to over £1m and tax credits with typical values of over £50k, this is a webinar you don’t want to miss.

So, join us as we discuss 3 smart ways to get money into your business:

  1. Grants

Learn which grants are available for UK manufacturers, how much business funding you can secure, what you can spend the grant funds on, and more.

  1. R&D Tax Credits

You might be surprised to find out what makes a good R&D claim! Learn exactly what you can claim and listen to success stories of manufacturing companies who’ve received astounding tax credits.

  1. Capital Allowances on Commercial Property

Think of your commercial property and all the things embedded in it. We’ll walk you through how a significant part of your commercial property value can be reclaimed from HMRC. No matter when you bought it!

In addition to these insights, our specialists will be on hand to answer all of your questions as well. You can even book a 1 to 1 online meeting afterwards to make sure that your business is not missing out.

We look forward to having you with us on Thursday, September 24, 2020, at 2:00 PM (BST).

See further details and register for free here.