Alignment Between Teams – The Key to Meeting High Performance Expectations

There’s no doubt that an OEM has many teams working together to produce its final product. To meet the high-performance expectations of an OEM, auto-part makers require a tremendous amount of coordination across teams that may not always be the greatest communicators or the most aligned with the production cycle.

These teams therefore rely on high levels of data availability and information accuracy to remain responsive. They also depend on that data and information being timely and relevant so they can have a full picture of what they are dealing with.

With so many teams and people involved in all these interrelated processes, it can be particularly challenging to handle team coordination well. Even just communicating the right information and making sure it is understood and delivered on time is a challenge within itself. How can OEMs manage such complex and diverse teams efficiently and quickly?

SHEA’s SMART Auto is a fully integrated system that includes quality program management, shop floor automation, and machine monitoring all in a single closed feedback loop. This means that there are no more silos, no disconnect points, and everything is inside one ecosystem allowing you to get rid of subterraneous systems.

SMART Auto’s single ecosystem manages everything, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and full electronic flow between customers, suppliers, and SHEA. Could you ask for anything more?

SMART Auto optimizes and automates a process that is crucial to the success of any business. It brings an out-of-the-box solution that is very adaptable and easily implemented.

SMART Auto turns your regular employees into superstars by giving them all the tools and information to do their job to perfection. This means improved productivity and a better final product. In turn, this translates to more success and sales.

It’s also a great global solution. Today a car’s parts come from several different countries, are then assembled in different countries, get shipped to different countries, and are sold in different countries. This means that teams must be managed globally.

SMART Auto is particularly equipped for this challenge and can ensure fruitful and efficient communication even in other nations to guarantee that all teams work in unison locally and globally to achieve the results your business wants and needs. To learn more about our many solutions ranging from the aerospace industry to high technology, visit us at