Tips and Tricks for Dynamics 365: The Questionnaire Module

Workplace surveys are a versatile tool for many businesses, providing valuable insight into operations. They can gauge employee engagement, improve vendor collaboration, measure performance, and more.

However, surveys can also be time-consuming to put together and tedious to administer — not to mention difficult to measure the data when it is collected.

However, an often-overlooked module within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, called the Questionnaire Module, is an incredibly versatile feature that boosts workplace survey functionality.

It can provide the capability to engage audiences such as employees and potential vendors and gather additional information.

Read on for how to make use of this tool in your own business.

Examples of How to Use the Questionnaire Module

a)  Performance Management

From an employee and human resources management perspective, the Questionnaire Module could be used as part of the appraisal process. Questionnaires would provide a framework for appraisal preparation and performance management using the human resources “goals” functionality, whereby goals may be set for the worker.

b)  Employee Feedback and Self-Service

We have previously seen the Questionnaire Module used for self-certification sickness absence or the purpose of return-to-work interviews. A series of structured questions can guide the returning employee through the process, collecting valuable information that can be stored within your core business system as a point of reference.

The screenshot below shows three different screens comprising of the employee self-service portal, the questionnaires assigned to the given user and then an example of one of the questions within the questionnaire.

c)  Vendor Collaboration

From a vendor collaboration perspective, the Questionnaire Module can be used to gather information pertaining to an existing or potential vendor’s quality credentials and accreditations while being linked to a request for quotation bid. The example below shows the questionnaire, fully embedded into the request-for-quotation (RFQ) process:

Examples of flexible questions, which can be used to gather the required information from vendors, can be seen below. Questions can be linear or vary, based upon responses to prior questions.

The possibilities expand from there. Questionnaires can be customized to your unique needs with benefits tailored to you.

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