Expedite Workflow, Reduce Errors, Build an SOP Template Library, and More

Back in 2007, there was an amusing but mildly annoying feature within Microsoft Office called Clippy the office assistant.

Clippy would pop up at the most inconvenient of times and say things like, “It looks like you’re trying to write a letter. Would you like some help?”

Many people disabled the feature and used the standard help instead, but there is no doubt that context-sensitive help would provide a benefit to software users, albeit in a less annoying way.

A New Clippy: The Task Recorder

Fast forward 13 years and we can see some of the original design thought, minus the annoying Clippy character, within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A feature called the Task Recorder allows us to record specific business process steps in the software within a template library, allowing the user to call up a process recording and then have the software step them through the process on demand.

For example in the illustration below, you can see how this could be used for new product creation. A dialogue shows the end-user where to click, and which information to enter, highlighting any mistakes as they go.

Additionally, the entire task recording can be exported to Microsoft Word.

Benefits of Recording Tasks

A task recording will take as long to record as the actual business process, so creating a library of task recordings is a fairly quick and simple exercise that can provide big benefits.

The Task Recorder offers nearly unlimited possibilities for use within an organization.

For instance, a business could use it to:

  • Build a standard operating procedure library of core processes
  • Facilitate the employee onboarding process
  • Create easily accessible training resources
  • Increase agility and flexibility within an organization
  • Standardize processes across the business
  • And much more

Having these procedures in place also prepares businesses better for the future. Taking the time to set them up now can pay dividends down the road in saved time, reduced errors, compliance and regulation, performance management, company culture, and beyond.

Making the Most of the Task Recorder and Other Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

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