Moving Your Business to the Cloud: Top Challenges

It seems impossible these days to do anything without hearing about the benefits of cloud-based systems, and accounting systems in particular.

For a variety of reasons, organizations around the world are adopting processes that rely on cloud-based systems and shouting from the rooftops about how it’s the only way to go. However, what they may not be shouting about are the top challenges that come with this type of solution.

So, we’ll shout about the challenges. Well, maybe not shout, but at least talk about it. Without further ado, here are some of the top challenges you may be facing when it comes to moving your business to the cloud:

  • The cost to maintain cloud based systems, and accounting systems in particular, is not necessarily less than on premise. For accounting systems in the cloud, you are paying ongoing fees but if you have to maintain an on premise IT staff anyway then you are not really saving any costs. And by moving your accounting systems to the cloud you are committed to applying system upgrades whenever the cloud provider decides it’s necessary so you had better be ready.
  • Data security. Even with the constant upgrades and updates, some companies still prefer to keep their data on local servers to avoid security risks. Working with a company that can clearly outline security protocols and demonstrate a solid track record should help hesitant adopters overcome this. And some Canadian organizations need to maintain their data on Canadian soil so make sure your provider has a Canadian resident data source.
  • System support. For those companies with little to no IT experience as far as cloud-based systems are concerned, a lack of visible support can be a concern. What if something goes wrong and no one on your team has the experience or knowledge required to navigate the fix? A simple solution here is to find a company that offers support, and many cloud providers offer extended hours support.

Does all of this mean that moving your business to the cloud is a bad idea? Not at all. Cloud-based automation often represents not only significant time and resource savings, it can also provide you with increased efficiency and greater accuracy as well as reduced operational costs and IT spending. It just means spending the time to find the best solution is time well spent.

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