Case Study

Custom Development Solution GP

The Challenge

As a part of the company’s strategy, this company frequently makes strategic acquisitions. They manage the finances of a large number of companies with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The accounting department is divided into groups by functionality. One group is responsible for posting transactions for AR across all companies and another group is responsible for all AR transactions, etc. Due to the large number of companies they own, logging in and out of companies was a very inefficient exercise that was done every day.

Our Solution

TGO’s development team designed and created a suite of Global Posting Tools that operate across a functional area allowing the company’s accountants to post batches of transactions under one login.


The accounting team can process more transactions as they no longer have to log in and out of many different GP companies every day.

Additional Information

The TGO Global Posting Tool has been transformational for our finance transactional teams. With most team members working in a significant number of databases, being able to post in all from one screen results in significant time savings. Not tying up their local computers while posting is processing really adds to these time savings. At critical times like month end close dates, this has been a huge help to our users. – Senior Manager, Financial Systems