Change Management

We are not just focused on process and products; we understand change is all about the people.

Real-life practical advice to change leaders
Practical examples and templates to help you communicate
Hands-on embedded change management

Elements of Change Management

  • Communication – Reach everyone who will be a part of it or will be affected by it.
  • Readiness – Ensure that everyone is ready to adapt to it by providing all with the right information, training and ongoing support.
  • Involvement – Ensure that the right people are involved in the process.
  • Buy-in – Gain buy-in from everyone who is either involved or affected by the change both directly or indirectly.

Simply Put…….mitigate the risk of failure

Benefits to you and your organization

User adoption

Change is tough and users can sometimes be reluctant to do things differently, an effective change management plan can reduce the time to full adoption.

Buy-in from Stakeholders

Sometimes decisions just have to be made and pushed out to the business. To promote buy-in from those impacted, you need an effective communication plan so they know what is happening and have some opportunity to provide comment, if not direct input. And remember also that your customers are stakeholders and should also be considered in any plan.

Reduce Misinformation

If there is a void in communications, you can count on your company grapevine to rush in and fill that void. Often this results in time wasted in speculation but can also lead to employee turnover as the wrong information can create unexpected consequences.

Improve Cooperation and Collaboration

Your employees will work more effectively if they have a clear picture of the future state and why the change is necessary.

Manage Budget and Scope

With so much to do, it is critical that everyone knows how much you are doing now, and how much will be done later.

Keep Regular Business on Track

While you are implementing change, it is critical that you keep your day to day operations running as usual so that customers are not impacted, except in a positive way.