Disaster Recovery

Do you have a plan in place if your systems fail?

A comprehensive plan, updated and tested regularly, can help minimize downtime if disaster strikes.

Why a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Technology is great, when it works. These days, our systems are very reliable so the risk of total failure is minimal. But what happens is disaster strikes? How important a Disaster Recovery Plan is to your business is determined by one thing: how long can you afford to be down?

If you or your customers rely on your systems to be online, all the time then you need to be able to recover quickly. We can help develop the right plan for you.

The cold, hard facts...

In 2017:
45% of unplanned downtime was caused by hardware failures
34% of unplanned downtime was caused by power outages
Ransomware detections were up 90% year over year

And yet:
30% of businesses have no disaster recovery plan
33% of business that do have a plan are unprepared to execute it effectively

Even though:
Unplanned downtime can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $18,000 – PER MINUTE
90% of companies without a Disaster Recovery Plan fail after a major disaster

(statistics compiled from various third-party studies)

Some Options for Disaster Recovery

Data Security

If a certain amount of downtime and manual processing and recovery are an acceptable risk, then frequent and reliable backups may be sufficient. Work with us to identify backup solutions that safeguard your critical data in the case of an outage, hardware failure, corruption or other more malicious disturbances.

Business Continuity

If your organization cannot survive a system outage at all, then a business continuity plan to ensure that all systems have built in redundancy and failover capabilities to ensure ongoing operation regardless of what happens to the primary infrastructure may be essential. Work with us to ensure that all your mission critical applications have a secondary deployment that can be switched to in the event of a disaster with minimal to no loss of data or downtime.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

We can help you craft a plan that meets your downtime resiliency, recovery costs and human resource availability under any given situation. Any disaster recovery plan needs to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that you are ready if the day ever comes when you have to execute, and we can help plan fire drills to test the effectiveness of your plan.