Solution Blueprints

It is the identification of the success criteria, timeframe, scope, deliverables and responsibilities for a project.

Our financial system experts can then provide fixed price options for the project. This gives you the flexibility and control to craft your own project based on your budget, your timelines and your business priorities.

How does it work?

A solution blueprint follows our tried and tested methodology for requirements gathering and solution architecture that allows us to take advantage of both your and our in-house expertise to craft the most effective solution possible. The multi-step process is iterative and repeats until we are all satisfied that every requirement has been properly considered and factored into the solution options being presented:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Peer review and documentation – repeat until complete
  • Clarifications and questions – repeat until complete
  • Solution design, documentation and options
  • Presentation

Benefits to your organization

Sets Proper Expectations

By meeting with all key stakeholders, clarifying their requirements, identifying priorities and quantifying value, we ensure that everyone involved in the project is aware of exactly what success looks like.

Ensures Alignment

Bringing together all of the operational parts of the organization, and facilitating open and frank dialogue regarding processes and procedures guarantees that everyone involved shares a common understanding of the business issues being tackled, and the reasons for addressing them.

Control Over Budget

By presenting multiple approaches and price points to solve each blueprint issue, we enable our customers to prioritize and choose where to place their dollars and their human capital in a project to achieve the optimum combination of cost and effort. As all our pricing is fixed, there is no confusion or future debate as to the overall cost of a project based on the agreed scope.

Provides a Detailed Statement of Work

The final selection or combination of options by our customers forms the basis of a detailed statement of work clearly outlining the deliverables, tasks, responsibilities and timelines for all aspects of the deliverables.

Guaranteed Results

As the project scope, cost, and timelines are fixed and responsibilities and schedules are confirmed - the delivery of the project based on the original vision and it's success based on agreed upon criteria are guaranteed by us.