SHEA Case Study: How a 20-Year-Old Organization Revamped Its Business Processes

SHEA Global believes any organization has the ability to be excellent.

We recently worked with one business to fine-tune outdated processes that were holding them back.

Business Challenges:

Our client was a 20-year-old organization that had people in positions of authority who had been there since the company’s inception.

They had built a vastly complex operations system with business processes that had been replicated across the organization.

However, our client was finding it hard to grow the company. They wanted to be bigger but were running into problems with scalability.

Our Solution:

Our client asked us to come in and help them manage these processes. But what we found when we did an assessment was that the processes being used were the wrong processes. They were relying on one staff member to approve processes, which was slowing down productivity.

We reviewed the business from the top-down and made recommendations for improving the existing business processes.

The Results:

Our recommendations allowed our client to become more efficient, more effective, and more profitable — and able to scale as they grow.

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