Annata 365

A powerful management solution designed to support the automotive, equipment, rental and fleet industries.

Annata 365

Annata 365 is an industry leading add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Annata 365 delivers highly advanced, best of breed ERP and mobile solutions for Enterprise Asset Management across multiple industries.

Industry examples

Automotive Industry

Our solution, Annata 365 for Automotive, is built to cover a wide range of companies and organizations (manufacturing, marketing, distribution, selling and maintenance) of motor vehicles. Including businesses dedicated to the maintenance of vehicles following delivery to the end-user, such as repair shops. Manufacturing will involve not only the main product (e.g passenger vehicles) but also its components, such as engines and bodies. This comprises businesses operating around passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks, including pickups, vans, sport and recreational vehicles, and commercial vehicles (delivery trucks and large transport trucks).

Fleet Industry

A company’s fleet can be made up of many vehicle or equipment types, anything that needs to be tracked from initial purchase through to the date of disposal. The efficient management of the fleet is important to control costs whilst ensuring that the fleet is operated within the law and above all else, operated safely. A wide range of functions can be included in the definition of ‘fleet management’, including: financing, maintenance, telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, fuel management, health & safety management etc.

Rental Industry

Our solution is meant for service providers of vehicles, equipment, tools, industrial and other products of all kinds and sizes (from heavy-duty to hand-held tools) for a limited period of time to final users (individual consumers, commercial companies, construction contractors, among others). Annata 365 for Rental although it is designed for vehicles and equipment type of businesses, it is also a good fit for any other type of Rental business whose products require maintenance.

Equipment Industry

Our solution for the Equipment industry is designed for businesses from light equipment all the way to Heavy-duty equipment, i.e., companies in Construction, Forestry and Agricultural Equipment; Material Handling and Industrial Machinery, as well as other equipment such as tools, waste or demolition, among others. From manufacturing to sell and distribution, all the way to maintenance, Annata 365 for Dynamics is built to cover your business specific needs