The Secret to Enabling Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Technologies Lies Within Your Software

Software solutions, such as ERP systems, are changing how manufacturers and distributors do business.

In the era of Industry 4.0, new technologies are constantly emerging. While this is exciting, it can also be overwhelming for businesses.

PwC Canada reports that globally only 10% of companies in key sectors like auto manufacturing, consumer goods, electronics, and industrial equipment have been able to master the cultural, strategic, and operational changes needed to support Industry 4.0.

In Canada, PwC says manufacturers recognize the benefits associated with Industry 4.0, yet few have been able to make the transition to date. This can stem from a lack of knowledge about how to evolve or worries about the return on investment (ROI).

It can also come from a lack of time and resources. How can businesses stay on top of the latest trends and technological innovations — such as AI, machine learning, supply chain transformation, and more — while managing the day-to-day?

Many organizations have found this to be an ongoing challenge, yet it is an essential one to solve as we work towards the smart factory of the future.

The answer of how to find this balance lies within your software upgrades.

Digital Transformation is a Journey – and Your Software Upgrades are the Trail Markers

Achieving digital transformation is a journey with many steps along the way — the equivalent of a marathon versus a race. Steps in the journey span from converting documents into something that can live in the cloud to automating entire manufacturing processes.

However, like a marathon, there are markers along the way to ensure you are headed in the right direction, maintaining efficiency, and keeping up with competition. These markers are your software upgrades.

Just as your business needs to stay relevant with the latest trends and technologies, so do Industry 4.0 software providers.

ERP system solutions, such as SYSPRO, Dynamics GP, and Business Central, stay competitive by providing the best value and latest attributes to their users. In turn, they are passing their knowledge on to you, the customer.

While upgrading to a smart software solution, like an ERP system, is the first step in your journey to digital transformation, steps two, three, four, and beyond are equally important. With an effective software partner, these steps are already laid out for you.

Software Upgrades Bring Leading Research to Your Business

Software solution providers conduct research into Industry 4.0 trends and technologies before most other businesses. They have the resources dedicated to this since the competitiveness of their solution and your business depends on it. As a result, they integrate the latest capabilities into their new updates to take your digital transformation journey further.

Software upgrades and updates are essential to your journey because your software is capable of taking you to the next step in your business’s growth and transformation. By investing in software solutions, you are already a step ahead.

Flexible Capabilities Meet Your Business Requirements

Each software solution offers flexibility for users to decide what new capabilities they want to adopt.

For instance, the ERP Technology Matrix report from Nucleus Research cited that the Fall 2019 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations integrated supply chain capabilities, such as warehouse management, transportation management, and supply chain planning.

Another example of functionality meeting usability from the ERP Technology Matrix is SYSPRO’s ERP bot, which comes with 60 skills available out of the box and can be deployed to any messaging platform. This allows for customization depending on your business model.

While not all businesses require these capabilities today, the option is there for when you’re ready to take it on. This means that when you do decide to hit go, you can start right out of the gate eliminating the lag time that goes along with setting up your foundation.

Partner Support is Essential for Planning Your Journey

There is another essential part of ensuring your software upgrades are as beneficial to your business as possible — support and guidance from your value-added reseller (VAR).

Your VAR is the expert on integrating digital transformation for your business and they also know your organization intimately. They will guide you to achieve success and change within your journey while optimizing efficiencies.

They have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to advise what steps to take for your digital transformation goals and enable you to leverage your full software investment. In your digital transformation journey, they are your guide.

You are not alone in your quest. Talk to your partner or value-added reseller to create a plan that incorporates software upgrades.

At SHEA Global, we partner with our customers in their journey. We are experts in achieving business better through operational excellence and digital transformation.

Reach out if you need help getting started. We’re here to help ensure you are taking the right strategic steps and to guide you through your digital transformation journey.