If You’re Not Using Business Automation, You’re Doing it the Hard Way. Here’s Why and What to Do…

Business automation is the way of the future. Adopting automated processes can lead to increased profitability and productivity — the goal of many organizations.

Technology such as accounts payable automation and financial process automation are changing the role of the CFO for the better.

Yet many organizations are reluctant to integrate business automation solutions. If your team hasn’t gotten around to it yet, here’s why you should at the very least consider business automation.

  1. Solutions can free up your time.

Automating your processes gives you more freedom to focus on the less tedious parts of your job. While adopting process automation practices may mean an investment upfront, over the long run it can save time and money. To smooth up the transition process, look for software that won’t take significant implementation, will solve multiple process issues, and doesn’t need complex training. Many business automation software providers will be willing to sit down and do an ROI analysis with you prior to purchase.

  1. It can cut down on your human resources.

We’re all for job creation, but in a process-focused role the work can be tedious and the turnover high. If you’re having issues hiring or find that managing another person is taking up too much of your time, or simply need to do more with fewer people, automation could be your solution. Even if you have retained good talent, perhaps that talent could be put to use elsewhere in your organization. After all, even the best automation technology still requires humans to interpret and put the data to use.

  1. Business automation is evolving to meet more needs.

Some workplace process automation, such as invoice processing and workflow, have caught on quickly, but that’s not all the automation opportunities available to you. Accounts payable automation is evolving to take on more of the supplier payment process, including data management, tax compliance, and reconciling payments. The software is only getting better and will continue to do so over time.

Business automation software can cost more up front, but it’s well worth it in the long run. Your financial systems can be streamlined saving you time and money — win-win.

SHEA Global can help determine the best financial system solution for your organization. We can take a look at your needs and help you figure out what automation could help your business become more efficient and adaptable in the long run. Learn more about our services at SHEAGlobal.com or call 1-866-239-1113.