Working Towards Excellence: SHEA Global Merger One Year Later

We often highlight case studies from other companies on our blog, but this week we decided to share an update on our own progress.

Just over a year ago, SHEA Business Solutions acquired both TGO Consulting and Ardent Solutions. The newly merged company became SHEA Global.

“Over the past year we have been gaining momentum and we are very excited about the people and services we have added to better service our customers,” stated Jeffrey Hunt, CEO of SHEA Global.

The acquisition and merger allowed the newly formed SHEA Global to offer more to customers: more solutions, more resources, and, ultimately, more options.

With TGO’s expertise in financial systems and system integrations, including its GP practice; Ardent’s specialization in Dynamics 365 and technology consulting; and SHEA Business Solutions’ own extensive operations, SHEA Global combined the strengths of all three companies to become an industry leader.

The common ground for all three companies is commitment to customer service. As an international brand employing staff around the world to provide business solutions, the increased range in expertise, experience, and support has enabled SHEA to provide additional value to long-term customers and expand into new markets though a broader reach.

In one short year, highlights of SHEA Global’s accomplishments include:

We still have much to do. Stay tuned as we reveal what the next year and beyond have in store. At SHEA Global, we believe every organization has the potential to achieve excellence; we would be happy to talk with you about your path.

This is only the beginning. Contact us to be part of our continuing business success story, and to create your own.