Choosing Business Solutions That Last for the Long-Term

New innovations are always coming to business software solutions.

Sometimes it can seem like the moment your business decides on a new solution the next version is out. But purchasing software — not to mention the planning and implementation – can add up, both in costs and staff time.

To truly be efficient, it makes sense to get the most shelf-life out of the business solution that you choose in the first place.

Luckily, we know just how your organization can do that. These tips will help you extend the life of your software and, ultimately, make your business better.

  1. Consider problems before solutions.

The number one way to extend the life of your business solutions is to reconsider how you choose those solutions.

For instance, if you are upgrading to the latest version of a software product — why? What problem are you hoping it will solve? If the change will be minimal, is it truly needed? Is the gain worth the time and money or, in the worst case scenario, will it create more problems?

Beyond that, your existing problems and long-term excellence strategy should be front of mind when considering solutions. When you identify the problems that are holding your organization back, it is much easier to identify a solution that will solve those problems — and serve your company that much longer.

  1. Look for scalable solutions.

Once you have identified the problems and potential solutions, look for software that can scale with your organization.

If you grow, can the software you choose grow with you? If you decided to make a change – for example, moving from in-house servers to the cloud – could your solutions handle that? Look beyond your short-term needs and search for solutions that meet your long-term goals.

  1. Look for solutions that do more.

Certain IT business solutions can do more than just their stated function. You can custom design a solution to meet your business needs, rather than designing your business to meet the solution.

With this approach, the solution you choose can do more across the organization — and solve more problems. The best way to identify the core functions you need to serve is by taking a top-down approach and assessing the overall operations and long-term goals.

  1. Recognize needed change vs. change for change’s sake.

Sometimes the latest and greatest software is shiny and tempting. It can also come with useful upgrades and features. But is it necessary? It depends on your organization’s needs and your long-term strategy.

Some software solutions can truly help transform your business, but the wrong software can do more harm than good. When you are looking at a project, consider all that is involved – the desired outcome, the implementation plan, the employee adaptability, and more.

  1. Work with a business solutions consultant.

Many partners will sell you software, but few have the experience and knowledge required to turn that software into a true solution. At SHEA, this is our specialty. We can assess your overall organization and recommend the best solution for you. Because we offer a wide range of solutions and tools, we can find the right one for your organization.

To put it in the context of home repair, when the only tool available in your toolbox is a wrench, you will look at every problem and try to fix it with the wrench. But when you have a toolbox full of options, the available solutions expand greatly.

By working with the consultants at SHEA Global, you can save time, save money, and be confident that the business solution you are choosing will have a long shelf-life for your business.

Contact us today to see how we can help.