Digital Manufacturing – The More Intelligent Way of Manufacturing

Technology has provided many benefits to the manufacturing world.

Processes that heavily relied on manual labor can now be accomplished through software.

Distributions and assembly lines that were tedious and prone to errors can now be accurately and efficiently accomplished through automation.

Innovative technology not only provides streamlined operations and better response to disruptions but also provides data and agility.

One innovative technology solution that has greatly benefited manufacturing plants in recent years is the of Things (IoT) solutions.

IoT solutions are part of the evolution of Industry 4.0. It enables digital manufacturing solutions, making manufacturing more agile, safer, and less costly.

Here are some of the trends in digital manufacturing that manufacturers and companies should consider.

Real-Time Insights Throughout the Manufacturing Plant

Customers want real-time insights to know exactly what’s happening with their purchases.

Similarly, manufacturing plants should have real-time insights throughout their operations to keep track of equipment, assembly lines, consumption data, power sources, and more.

Thorough tracking of all the processes and resources occurring inside a manufacturing plant can help identify ways to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of operations.

With the help of IoT, real-time insights are easy to obtain. It can track pressure, temperature, voltage, switches, and more which helps detect leaks or risks that could cause damages, injuries, or financial losses.

Detailed Tracking Throughout the Supply Chain

Manufacturers need to track their components, inventory, and assets within the supply chain.

Tracking also identifies efficient supply chain routes and disruptions to find optimal delivery paths and times to save money on warehousing and transportation.

Lastly, supply chain tracking using IoT helps manufacturers optimize inventory replenishments.

For example, if inventory is running low, IoT can always alert manufacturers and simplify the order management process to ensure adequate supply.

It also helps save costs and reduce the environmental impact of the replenishment processes.

Maintaining Actionable and Responsive Plans

There will always be disruptions and challenges in the manufacturing world.

The good news is that digital manufacturing can provide manufacturers with data to make informed decisions about contingency plans, safety, or plant operations.

A thorough digital manufacturing assessment requires a team of experts to support its strategy and execution.

That’s where SHEA Global comes in.

We offer fully integrated software solutions that give manufacturers full control over planning, production, distribution, and accounting operations.

We’ll provide an assessment of the challenges that you face and focus on a strategy that uses innovative technologies and digital manufacturing to streamline operations, save money, and become more efficient and responsive.

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