Logistics Management: Become Customer-Centric and Data-Driven

SYSPRO recently released its 2021 study researching global logistics management. An industry-leading provider of ERP software, SYSPRO surveyed 163 manufacturing and distribution professionals about the challenges and solutions to ongoing supply chain disruption. To succeed in the new normal, manufacturers and distributors need a long-term digital strategy that emphasizes customer centricity, external collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.

Internal Efficiencies vs External Collaboration

Considering shipping freight accounts for the transportation of at least 90 per cent of goods around the world, it’s no surprise that disruptions during the pandemic had an enormous impact. The average global value of transporting a container rose from 1,362 USD before the pandemic to nearly 10,000 USD in February this year.

According to the SYSPRO report, 65 per cent of manufacturers and distributors invested in systems aimed at meeting order requirements while a similar percentage invested in inventory control systems. Yet, 60 per cent of businesses were unable to collaborate with customers and suppliers in real-time, leading to missed deliveries. Only 22 per cent reported growth during this time and only 26 per cent reported customer satisfaction.

The takeaway here is that if a business can’t effectively communicate with other stakeholders, it doesn’t matter how sophisticated its internal efficiencies are.

Data-Driven Logistics Management

Nearly 70 per cent of respondents indicated to SYSPRO that they were considering a digitalization strategy to enhance their business processes, but less than 30 per cent had actually committed to an actual strategy. Also, while nearly half had invested in sensors and IoT networks, only 20 per cent were investing in advanced analytics tools to process the data they were collecting.

In today’s economy, if you’re not all in on big data then you’ll simply be left behind. Data-driven organizations are a whopping twenty-three times more likely to acquire new customers, six times as likely to retain them, and nineteen times more likely to be profitable. Further, businesses using advanced analytics enjoy an average 1300 per cent ROI of 1300.

We Know Your Industry

For over forty years, SYSPRO has been delivering industry-leading business solutions to the world’s top companies. SHEA provides SYSPRO solutions for manufacturing, distribution, and consumer packaged goods companies, driving operational efficiencies.

An effective ERP can help manufacturers and distributors automate business systems, handle procurement and sourcing, as well as provide analytics and real-time data to improve decision making. And for even greater logistics management, we also offer DDMRP for SYSPRO.

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