What’s New with SHEA Global

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for businesses (and different challenges for different businesses), but whether you are struggling with too little demand or an increase in demand, SHEA Global is here for you.

We are continuously developing new resources and support for businesses across the board to help not only weather the storm, but also find potential process improvements during it.

This time has undeniably been uncertain and come with its difficulties, however, there may also be opportunities. We want to empower you to find those opportunities where they exist and build a better business that can support your team into the future.

Read on for what is currently available on-demand and what is coming up in the weeks ahead.

Live Webinars

a)  Make Your Engineering Team Part of Dynamics 365

WHEN: June 16, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. (EST)

Bring Engineering onboard your Dynamics 365 and make your product data available to everyone from one single solution.

In this webinar from SHEA Global and Bluestar PLM by PDM technology, you will see a live demonstration of a PLM and ERP sharing product-related information seamlessly across departments, and all happening in Dynamics 365.

See details and register.

b)  Funding for Southern Ontario Manufacturers

WHEN: June 24, 2020 at 2 p.m. (EST)

Learn how you can qualify and benefit from funding up to $25,000 with CME’s Technology Assessment Program.

This funding allows Southern Ontario manufacturers to uncover bottlenecks, including identifying digital investments to improve productivity, automating complex processes, optimizing your supply chain, and increasing efficiencies in your production processes.

Join SHEA Global and Mentor Works to learn more.

See details and register.

Quiz the Wiz

Quiz our Wiz Panel — daily!

We have assembled a panel of experts, otherwise known as the Wiz Panel, to answer your questions for free! You can ask them anything and they will attempt to answer in the most informative (and entertaining) way possible.

We’ve got a Wiz expert for everything: SYSPRO, GP, AX, NAV, F&O… the list of software acronyms are endless and so is the free expert advice.

No question is off the table. Submit the question here and we will answer on our YouTube channel.

On-Demand Video Content

Speaking of YouTube, if you’ve missed one of our live webinars or Quiz the Wiz sessions in recent months, you can access it on-demand on our channel.

Videos include:

a)  Stop Managing Supply Chain Chaos

Your boss hands you a list of high-dollar parts to reduce inventory levels. You notice that most parts on the list are the ones that you need to expedite. What do you do?

Finance has declared that you should cut inventory by 10% across the board.  For the parts you need urgently, is cutting back going to help?

Supply chain planning can seem like an ongoing game of Whac-A-Mole, but it doesn’t have to be. This video shows how to cut through the chaos and learn the four innovations that lead to more efficiency and less stress.

b)  The Missing Link in Supply Chain Planning

Discover DDMRP – demand-driven material requirements planning – and how it could be the missing link in your supply chain planning.

Supply chain professionals now have myriad tools at their disposal to plan and manage inventories and manufacturing. ERP, MRP, Lean, demand forecasting, Six Sigma… the list goes on and the landscape is overwhelming.

This video looks at common problems with the traditional planning process and how to instead dynamically size and adapt supply networks and production systems through sensing changes in demand patterns and the responsiveness of supply.

c)  Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Tips and Tricks

This video series takes a deep dive into Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, including:

  • New grid controls
  • Warehouse app purchase order receipts
  • Restricted products
  • Warehouse goods outward flow

Learn the tips and tricks to help your team leverage Dynamics 365. Access the videos here.

More Resources 

We have even more resources on the SHEA Global blog. Recent posts include:

You can also reach out to us for more business help. Whether you need to implement EFT into your ERP, have questions about facilitating remote work, or want to use this time to progress your digital transformation, we are here for you.

Reach out today to find your solution.

How is your business coping with the COVID-19 pandemic? What challenges and opportunities are you facing? Share with us on social media. SHEA is on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.