Build a Solution Based on Your Business — Not a Business Based on Your Solution

There are many excellent business solutions available today, but not all solutions are right for your organization.

Many times, businesses think that they have to choose a solution and implement it as is — effectively building their company around the software.

While this sometimes works out well, oftentimes it limits the potential solutions. If you are looking for a software that only does X, Y, and Z, you could be ignoring other solutions that give you X, Y, and Z plus maybe a little U, V, and W 😊

As SHEA Global consultant Jerry Bierema says, “When you only have a wrench, you are looking at solving all problems with that wrench. But when your toolbox is full of options, the potential problem-solving capabilities expand.”

What does that look like from a business solution standpoint?

When you want to implement a new financial solution, for example, you might only be looking at financial business software. But perhaps your organization has other needs – such as automating the employee expense process – and a different type of software would meet both needs in one tool.

Or you are looking at a solution and it has everything your organization wants – except for one critical component. So, you discard it as an option. Instead, you might be able to customize that software to have it perform the missing function.

We met with a customer recently who thought they needed to replace their ERP solution, which we would have been happy to help them do. But after asking what problem they were trying to solve, it turned out that their existing ERP handled all of their business processes just fine, except for budgeting. We were then able to help them implement a budgeting solution that leveraged their existing ERP investment.

Beyond that, building a solution based on your business has other benefits, too. It allows your organization to think more strategically and plan for the long-term.


These questions and more are all important to consider when you are looking at business solutions. And that is where a business solutions consultant can help.

At SHEA, we offer a wide range of solutions and we have experience and knowledge about how to tailor these solutions to your organization.

Rather than forcing your business to work within a solution’s strict confines, we work with your organization to identify the core issues, long-term strategy, and steps necessary to achieve the outcome – and then recommend a solution based on the findings.

We are your long-term partner in achieving business excellence. We are with you every step of the way from choosing a solution, to implementation planning, to onboarding, and beyond.

Need service or support? We’ll find you a solution. Contact us today.